Do couples fight during honeymoon?

You could fight and that's totally normal It's not unusual to have an argument on your honeymoon because emotions run very high at the wedding, says New York-based relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer. So, there's no need to speculate on what this means for your future, it just means that you're a normal couple. Most couples see signs of the Power Struggle between two months and two years after the wedding vows.

My husband and I separated during our honeymoon. I explained the situation to friends and family by saying that we were separating geographically. But as I roamed the night on a 16-hour bus ride from Mendoza, Argentina, to Buenos Aires, sobbing silently at the small screen that played 50 first dates dubbed in Spanish, I knew there was more than geography between us. Three months after our honeymoon, our marriage was falling apart.

If you tell most people that you're not happy after your honeymoon, they'll say it's just the minimum that follows the maximum, something that can be expected. Honeymoon couples who argue are more likely to have a stormy long-term marriage compared to newlyweds who hit it off, researchers have found. So I spent the first couple of hours “the next morning (yes, the first day of our honeymoon) trying to prepare it (yes, I know. Here are 10 common fights couples have after the honeymoon period ends, and suggestions on how to resolve such disputes.

The other low-conflict couples were in marriages they avoided (six percent) and had more traditional relationships in which husbands did not participate in household chores and in which participants believed in marriage for life. For the 22 percent of couples who say they have arguments on their honeymoon, however, they are more likely to continue to do the same throughout their married lives.

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