What is a normal budget for a honeymoon?

Just like your wedding, planning and budgeting for your honeymoon should start with an open discussion of priorities. If you're just relaxing on the beach or enjoying an all-inclusive property, you're likely to spend less than 5% of your budget on activities, the two said. Couples also tend to go all out on their honeymoons, travel to bucket list destinations and spend more on romantic themed excursions and romantic accommodations, than they normally would, Freeman said. Perhaps your budget will allow you to put a little more effort into discovering a national urban destination that is still new and exciting for both you and your partner.

I talked a lot about creating a ranking system in my previous article on How to Budget for a Couple's Trip, and the same principles apply to planning your honeymoon. See Honeyfund, which is an inexpensive online registry created for couples to receive financial gifts from wedding guests for their perfect honeymoon (or other financial goals, such as saving for a major purchase, such as a house, furniture, project, etc.). This will help determine where you would like to spend more than your honeymoon budget and where you can cut back. They should have ideas on how to maximize their travel budget, as well as the ins and outs of certain travel destinations.

Accommodations are the most important part of the pie, they said, and typically occupy 45-60% of the total honeymoon budget.

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