Which holiday destinations are hot in april?

Honolulu is one of the best warm destinations in the U.S. UU. in April. Incredible beaches surround the city, including Kailua Beach, Magic Island and Sandy Beach, all of which will blow your mind with their idyllic beauty.

You can find warm weather in April all over the Mediterranean, although the nights tend to be a little chilly and the sea will be cool for swimming. To enjoy the warmer weather, it's best to go to southernmost destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Cyprus, which has excellent hotels and many flights from all over the UK. To escape the busy resorts and enjoy the beauty of the countryside, rent one of these villas in Cyprus. If you're looking for a quiet and sunny destination in April, head to the (surprisingly large) Italian island of Sardinia.

Since all Italians take their holidays at the same time in August, it's almost deserted at this time of year, but the weather is great. Stay at the fabulous Forte Village Resort, which has a magnificent beach, spa, variety of hotels and restaurants, and incredible sports facilities. Rent a car because this is a great island to explore. Find out where Italy is all the rage in April.

Close to the Costa de la Luz, Seville is the hottest city in Spain (it's practically unbearable in August but wonderful in April) and it's a fantastic place for a quick getaway. The home of tapas and flamenco, it is full of historic sites, authentic bars and restaurants and charming squares lined with orange trees. If you go to Easter, the week before Easter, you will witness dramatic street celebrations. See where it's hot in Spain in April.

Getting to Morocco is easy and cheap with many flights to Marrakech, where you can relax in the sun, explore the narrow and winding streets of the souk, drink fresh orange juice in the rooftop bars, and dine at fabulous French and Moroccan restaurants. Try to stay in one of the impressive riads converted into the Medina. If you want somewhere a little warmer, the Arabian Gulf will be around 33°C in April with 10 hours of sunshine, a little too warm for vigorous sightseeing, but perfect if you're staying in a luxury hotel. Dubai is the best-known destination, but you can combine it with the beautiful Sultanate of Oman to get a taste of ancient Arabia.

The sparse dispersion of an archipelago in Portugal, 280 miles off the coast of Morocco, is subtropical clement throughout the year. In April, this fertile island blooms (the Flower Festival is held in April or May, depending on the year) and things start to heat up. Although the temperatures are barely mild (the average temperature is 20 ºC), it is an ideal climate for outdoor activities in the diverse natural environment, walking through lush green forests to waterfalls, climbing volcanic peaks and walking vertiginous cliff paths; while the surrounding waters are a tumult of life marina in April, brimming with 20 species of whales and dolphins. April is also the best time to walk the Lycian Way, not too hot, but already dry and sunny, wildflowers come to life once again.

The 500 km trail follows ancient caravan trails and coastal paths, plunging into and out of forests, rustic stone villages and Roman sites, until it flows into spectacular ravines and pastel coves, which can only be accessed on foot or by boat: your reward for your efforts. As the southernmost of the Greek islands, Crete is also the hottest. April is a big in-between season, outside of the Easter school holidays, of course, with mercury rising ahead of the sweltering peak of summer. Take advantage of smaller crowds with days off at blockbuster beaches: Elafonisi, usually populated and pink-hued, should be left in relative peace.

Keep in mind that the further south you go, the more likely you are to find a truer Crete, without being bothered by resorts. Spectacular and rugged mountain walks cross quiet villages, where taverns often produce their own meat, cheese and wine. You can also bet on a few free rounds of house raki after lunch. Better plan to spend the night.

Amsterdam turns orange on April 27, when King's Day brings an army of party-goers, to the streets, parks and boats of the city that swing along the canals. These are the Dutch at their best. It's also peak season for tulips, with large patches of vibrant flowers blooming everywhere. Drive 30 minutes to Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, for rainbow-hued displays.

And as one of the most elegant rooms in Europe, Amsterdam doesn't fall short of fabulous design hotels (The Hoxton Amsterdam and Soho House Amsterdam), lunches for Instagram (we like potato waffles and Bloody Marys kimchi by Little Collins) or farm-to-table cuisine (more precisely, from nursery to table in De Kas, within a greenhouse). ). If Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels fueled curiosity about the little-visited city in southern Italy, HBO's recent and successful television adaptation, My Brilliant Friend, has set fire to that curiosity. Naples is less of an Italian Disneyland than Florence, Venice or Rome.

Street art adorns 18th century buildings and public housing alike. Along slender, cobbled streets, small family workshops result in exquisite leather gloves. Pizzas around every corner require a Spritz stop; pizzas are made according to strict standards (dough should not be more than 3 mm thick). Among the museums that house Caravaggios and a trio of castles, you can watch people on its long promenade, Lungomare.

Soak up everything in a mild April, before the scorching summer arrives. Since the coast of Namibia has virtually no rain and has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it would be difficult not to have a decent climate. It is welcoming and politically stable, vast and largely uninhabited. And it's beautiful in April, at moderate 24ºC during the day.

The Skeleton Coast is stunning and atmospheric; Etosha National Hunting Park is teeming with wildlife (four of the five largest most diverse birds), with plenty of camps to stay in. Delve into the Namib Desert, to Sossusvlei, a salt pan surrounded by red sand dunes, best visited at dawn or dusk, when the light is most dramatic. In Europe, Spain's extensive Costa del Sol and Cyprus, steeped in history, are among the best options. In the Caribbean, it is Santa Cruz, a virgin island in the United States little known to the British.

No potential April destination is more distinctive than Bhutan, with its wobbly Buddhist monasteries, and none more glamorous than Tel Aviv in Israel, where food, fashion, design and beach scenes converge in exciting ways. Average temperature 20°C The third largest Canarian island in Spain and the second most populated, Gran Canaria is ideal for authenticity and ambience. April, outside of the Easter school holidays, represents an especially good time to come, thanks to its increasingly warm weather. Despite the density of humans, a lot of escapism awaits us, mainly in the nature reserve of the golden sand dunes of Maspalomas or in Artenara, a large mountain village whose viewpoint of Unamuno leaves you amazed.

Relax on the many sandy beaches during sunny days and, if it rains, learn about Christopher Columbus at the beautiful Casa de Colón museum in the capital, Las Palmas. Mild April, before the really sweltering temperatures take hold, it's time to take walks in the leafy north of Gran Canaria. Average temperature 18°C Although dependent on whimsical weather gods, April generally offers the best setting of both worlds in the sparkling salt flats of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. They never look better than when water basins on their white, crusted surface create a memorable mirror effect.

As the month progresses, the rains completely cease and the sun resumes, baking dry floors, but visit early enough and that reflective glow should still be present at many points. Meanwhile, as the pools recede, it becomes much easier for 4×4 tours to cross the plains and take visitors to lagoons dotted with flamingos, hot springs, sprouting geysers, smoking volcanoes or spooky “cactus islands”. Relatively crowd-free during this intermediate season, Bolivia's other highlights include South America's largest lake (at least by area), Titicaca, and the marvellous Andean views from the high-altitude capital, La Paz. Average temperature 19Capril also marks a sweet spot in Israel's most glamorous city.

Located in the southeastern Mediterranean, Tel Aviv enjoys pleasant temperatures, blissfully below the intense heat of the summer months, but reasonable accommodation prices in April, with the high season not yet started. Its diverse golden sand beaches will be bustling with life on blue sky days, as will all the rooftop bars with daybeds. Sometimes less lenient, there is much more to see. Israeli food is having a moment and here's where to dive in, thanks to celebrity chefs like Eyal Shani, a world-leading vegan scene, and trendy restaurants that only open once a week.

Culture-wise, the stunning White City area has an expanse of UNESCO-protected Bauhaus buildings to explore, and the old neighboring port, Jaffa, hosts a fabulous flea market every day. Average temperature 25ºC Depending on how each year's calendar falls, the best-known Caribbean islands can withstand raucous crowds during spring break in April. Despite being a U.S. territory, that's not a problem in the quieter U.S.

Virgin Islands. About 40 miles south of its counterparts, Santa Cruz is the largest island, but blessed with a more local and inhabited environment. Cruises aren't common, leaving fern-covered mountains, a sprawling botanical garden, two 18th century forts, and lush white sand coves, all pleasantly untouristy. Perhaps the biggest attractions are the excellent snorkeling and diving, with walls and wrecks abundant on the north coast.

At the end of April, Taste of St Croix is usually announced, a short festival in the main town of Christiansted that celebrates local Crucian dishes and attracts renowned chefs. Our mission is to serve travelers over 50. We want to inspire you to explore new destinations, discover new experiences and savor the trip. The first few months of the year can be brutal.

You've made it through the holidays, you've filed your taxes, and you're planning to make the rest of the year a stressful time, and sometimes you need a vacation to get your bearings. You'll want to go somewhere warm and you'll want lots of activities to add to your itinerary. You have a pretty good idea of what you want from a vacation, but you don't have a particular destination in mind. If it sounds familiar, we have some suggestions.

Here are some great spots for an April vacation, along with expert tips to make the most of your visit. Palm Springs isn't the first city most people consider when planning a California vacation, but that's part of the appeal. This mid-century modern city is modern, elegant and constantly sunny, with clear skies and minimal rain (hey, it's in a desert). When you visit it in April, you'll have plenty of sun without the high summer temperatures.

The city center is active, with plenty of boutique shops and restaurants to explore. Visit the Indian Wells Arts Festival, usually held the first week of April, or stroll Artwalk in the Backstreet Art District on the first Wednesday of the month. If you like outdoor activities, Indian Canyons offers wonderful trails, some of which are accessible on horseback. The inconvenience? April is the peak season for desert tourism, for obvious reasons.

Still, Palm Springs isn't a coastal city, so tourist traffic shouldn't be a big deal (we'll note here that Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach are just a few hours away if you fancy a day trip). If you can book in advance, you can choose between boutique hotels or vacation homes to rent as accommodation. The weather in Tokyo is usually moderate in April, with averages in the range of 60 to 70 degrees. Sure, it might rain a little, but you can still stay comfortable as you explore the streets of Japan's capital.

Travel to Tokyo in April and you can go to a baseball game (as we've already mentioned, it's a completely different experience from an American game), explore the outdoor fish markets, and dine at some of the best restaurants in the world. Tokyo is home to more Michelin-starred establishments than any other city, so if you're a food enthusiast, you'll be in heaven. If you're looking for a cultural trip with a lot of historical relevance, you can't do much better than Washington, D., C. Our nation's capital is charming in April, as thousands of cherry trees bloom; the city even holds a celebratory festival, which is a treat for tourists and a great way to enjoy cherry blossoms if you're not ready for a trip to Japan.

You probably have a good idea of the capital's many monuments, so we won't discuss them here, but if you think the only way to see the city is to stand in line at museums, think again. Why not take a guided night tour, ghost tour, or Segway tour, or enjoy a meal at the exclusive Elle restaurant (pastrami is amazing, but there are plenty of vegetarian options on the menu)? When choosing your tropical spring getaway, don't forget the island of Oahu. With the winter rainy season past, April means sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. The spring months are also considered off-season for Hawaiian tourism, meaning there are fewer people on the beaches and cheaper rates for Honolulu accommodations.

The water temperatures in April are warm at 76 degrees on average, so diving, swimming and other water-related activities will be perfectly pleasant. You'll be forgiven for spending all your time at the beach, but for a more active vacation, walk to Diamond Head State Monument or Maunawili Falls. The Honolulu Museum of Art is a great outdoor respite when you've had enough of Oahu's perfect weather (if it ever happens). Charleston is a coastal city full of Southern charm, but it's very hot during the summer months.

To beat the sweltering temperatures, plan a visit for April, when high temperatures range between 71 and 77 degrees. Milder Temperatures Aren't The City's Only Springtime Attraction. Magnolias begin to bloom in mid-March, creating a lush display until April. The city celebrates this horticultural wonder with a month-long home and garden event; buy a ticket and you can stroll through some of the area's most beautiful historic homes and private gardens, and then participate in concerts and other events showcasing Southern traditions.

Charleston offers a significant number of museums and historic sites, along with beautiful parks, fantastic restaurants and convenient access to the Atlantic Ocean. The city tends to attract tourists in spring, so to ensure a stress-free trip, book accommodation as far in advance as possible. One of the lesser-known names on this list, Marfa is a small art paradise located approximately an hour and a half from Texas's Big Bend National Park. Yes, it's in the middle of nowhere, but that's part of the draw and if you love traveling for cultural experiences, Marfa is worth it.

The city is also popular with paranormal researchers thanks to a strange phenomenon known as the Marfa Lights; occasionally, bright orbs mysteriously appear in the sky. Even if you're not lucky enough to see the Marfa lights, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Texas sky, and Big Bend is close enough for a day trip. With an average April temperature of around 64 degrees, Seville is cool enough to make walking tours pleasant and enjoyable. The summer months can make navigating the Andalusian capital difficult, but you'll avoid sweltering temperatures by visiting them in spring.

Immerse yourself in Spanish culture by exploring the city's impressive Catholic churches and dining at one of the city's many tapas bars, or stroll through the gardens of the House of Pilate with your camera in hand. When planning your visit, remember that Seville takes the siesta tradition seriously, so don't plan to visit any smaller stores in the afternoon (siesta usually lasts 2 to 4 p. m. That said, you'll have no problem visiting museums, hailing taxis, or finding restaurants during these hours, as long as you check the opening hours when planning your itinerary.

That said, Amsterdam is on our list for several reasons. First, April isn't a busy tourist season, so you won't have to fight big crowds in the city. Secondly, and most importantly, there is no better time to see tulips. Dutch tulip fields are a sight to behold, and the city's Tulip Festival is a great way to celebrate the arrival of flowers while exploring one of the world's most fascinating cities.

The King's Day celebration is also celebrated in April, an all-out party with music and food. If the festivals leave you a little exhausted, take an afternoon canal cruise or take a leisurely bike ride around the city. Lima, Peru, has average high temperatures of 74 to 78 degrees in April. It's a growing tourist destination and, for good reason, Lima offers an incredible variety of experiences.

If you like the ocean, you can find affordable accommodations near City Beach, but if you're not the type of person who wants to spend an entire trip lounging at a resort, you'll find plenty to keep you busy. Take a walk to the Palomino Islands, where you can swim with sea lions (or, if you're like us, admire them from a safe distance). Considered the Galapagos of Peru, the Palomino Islands have incredible biodiversity and are a must see for any nature lover. To better appreciate the city's historic monuments, take a free walking tour or hop on one of the city's double-decker buses to see the capital from a different perspective.

It's an ideal month to travel if you're looking for the hottest holiday destinations to take away the winter or if you just need a city break with a little sunshine. . .

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