Travel Across the US by Train: An Expert's Guide

Exploring the United States doesn't have to mean renting a car or taking a plane. Traveling coast to coast by train is one of the best experiences in the world. The 3,000-mile journey is easy, comfortable, safe and affordable. Plus, you get to enjoy world-class scenery along the way.

Free route guides are available onboard each train, telling you what to look for out the window. Derek Low, a blogger, decided to take a cross-country trip from San Francisco to New York City by Amtrak. He discovered that it was possible to do it frugally and started a trip planning service due to the high demand for his secrets. When you consider the cost of hotels every night, meals, attractions and transportation, you might find that taking a train is the most cost-effective option.

You can book a route that covers your overnight stay and saves you from having to drive yourself. The total cost of a trip through the United States can be quite expensive, but Amtrak offers a 15-day pass that allows you to travel anywhere on their network. You can also opt for their multi-trip pass if you need to travel frequently between the same destinations. When booking a train ride, make sure you know exactly what is and isn't included in the cost so you can be prepared in advance.

You'll also want to carry everything you need for your trip and avoid paying unnecessary costs that will add up. Finally, never travel abroad without travel insurance from a reputable insurer with medical coverage of at least 1 million pounds or preferably 5 million pounds.

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