The 10 Most Luxurious Train Rides in the World

When it comes to luxury train rides, there are few experiences that can compare. From the immensity of Siberia or the interior of Australia, to the beauties of the African safari and the magical palaces of India, these incredible trains promise unique adventures that will exceed all your expectations. With routes that go far beyond your imagination and a magical mix of elegance and breathtaking views, these are the 10 most luxurious trains in the world right now. The Royal Rajasthan On Wheels (better known as the Palace on Wheels) is renowned for its spacious cabins. Each car has only three cabins, making its rooms more spacious.

This train is green and gold in color, suitable for an offering in this region. The Eastern & Oriental Express operates between Bangkok and Singapore, passing through the best towns, temples and landscapes in the region. There are excursions to Kuala Lumpur and Kanchanaburi, with a tour of the Bridge over the River Kwai. Conceived as a luxury hotel on wheels, the Deccan Odyssey offers an unparalleled way to see some of India's top tourist destinations by luxury train. In addition to first-class private cabins, the train also has a sauna, restaurants, business center, and bar.

The Golden Eagle travels the famous Trans-Siberian route between Moscow and Vladivostok, as well as taking special tours along the Silk Road, the Russian Arctic, Mongolia and the Caspian region. The Golden Eagle Danube Express carries up to 64 passengers and offers some of the best sleeping accommodations in continental Europe. The Deccan Odyssey is one of the subcontinent's most luxurious trains, with comfortable private cabins, lounges and even a luxurious spa car. When you think of luxury trains, the Orient Express immediately breaks through the discussion. How could I not? This iconic train has been immortalized in literature, cinema and everything in between since it first departed in 1883, covering the distance between Paris and Istanbul (later Constantinople) in less than 76 hours. It was known as the most luxurious train in the world for a reason, all the glass panels, the refined leather seats and the beds that offered the kind of sleep that travelers can only dream of.

Seven historic cars have been renovated for today, taking the glamour of the 19th century to the 21st century. Africa's premium train travel experience is undoubtedly the Rovos Rail, with a variety of trips available ranging from 48-hour tours to 15-day exploratory itineraries. These tailor-made trains are a sight to behold, with beautiful armchairs and all the wine one can endure waiting inside. Add in an impressive dining car, observation decks, and a complete absence of television and radio, and you have a nostalgic experience to remember. The Indian Pacific train made its first trip in 1970 and has been running ever since, passing through the longest stretch of dead straight track in the world which has a distance of 478 km. As you can see in this photo, The Blue Train is one of South Africa's most luxurious trains.

It connects two of its most important cities - Cape Town and Pretoria - covering a total distance of about 1 600 km. It offers butler service, two charming lounge cars (one for smokers and one for non-smokers), an observation car, compartments soundproofed fully carpeted with its own bathroom. In case you don't already know Rocky Mountaineer is actually a Canadian rail travel company operating on four rail routes that cross British Columbia Alberta and also US state Washington. Founded in 1990 this family-owned company has quickly become world's largest privately owned tourist train company serving more than 1 7 million guests on all its routes as we speak. The beginning of list is train trip through great lands Alaska One remotest train trips US what you can do nine-day tour Alaska Great Earth aboard Denali Star Glacier Discovery When traveling from Fairbanks Denali National Park will pass Kenai Fjords National Park way back. Crossing Peruvian Andes 14 000 feet Belmond Andean Explorer transports passengers between Arequipa Cusco one two-night trips With capacity 48 passengers comfortable choo-choo equipped alpaca wool blankets hand-woven fabrics Two dining cars two bar cars serve whims each guest bites such alpaca tortellini course champagne Train also makes excursions Lake Titicaca where guests can learn about local customs visit Inca ruins enjoy stunning views. The Ghan is one Australia's most iconic passenger rail services running from Sydney Pacific Ocean other side Australia Perth Indian Ocean making one few transcontinental trains world covers incredible total distance 4 352 km. The Andean Explorer covers one highest train routes world with tracks that cross Andes Mountains Peru In terms service food accommodation you can expect nothing but best aboard this luxurious train which comes beautifully decorated lounge car two charming restaurant cars many other things. The two-day Blue Train is widely recognized as one best shortest luxury train experiences world. The Orient Express is synonymous with luxury rail travel and traveling old route which connected Western Europe gateway East style remains once-in-a-lifetime journey. You won't find better New England train ride anywhere else country than this eight-day trip Rocky Mountaineer's Coastal Passage route takes passengers through some Canada's most beautiful landscapes including Fraser Canyon Thompson River Gorge Cariboo Plateau. The Shangri-La Express is China's most modern hotel train far surpasses regular train service all respects Many these tourist trains are built around complete packages with day trips stops around every corner.

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