How much money do you need saved to travel for a year?

This rough estimate comes from reading the travel budgets of other bloggers, various travel planning resources, and our own experience. Having a specific idea of your travel style will give you the structure to start planning and researching your possible destinations. A less crowded itinerary allows you to travel slowly and save money and sanity as you travel the world. Now you can play with your travel route and travel style and count in just a few hours what your dream trip will cost.

These figures are based on my own experiences, various travel budgeting tools I have used, and estimates from other travelers. And yes, I am very fortunate that my travel blog fully funds my trips and I have been doing so for more than five years. That's what travel is all about: you have to have an idea of the moment, the place you've worked so hard to get to and have the good discernment to know that it may be worth paying a little more to make a difference in terms of travel memory. I've spent eight years on the road, and almost that time talking to other travelers about budgeting for the trip.

This, therefore, is not a guide to how you can travel the world for the least amount of money possible, but rather how travel remains affordable if you choose to stay in nice apartments, splurge on elegant hotels for special occasions, and don't choose the most uncomfortable budget options available. It's so addictive to have maximum flexibility and freedom of travel along with the undeniable goodness of regular income, no matter how much digital nomadism changes your trips. Here my goal is to inspire others to travel more by sharing honest travel guides from around the world. The guide breaks down average travel costs for the world's most visited destinations, which you can use with the fully customizable travel budget spreadsheet to create an accurate upfront budget for your dream trip.

Long-term travel in developed countries can be astronomically expensive if you travel the same way you would on a regular vacation.

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