Where is the cheapest place to travel right now?

The cheapest places to travel right now in AsiaVisit Cambodia. Cambodia is a country often overshadowed by its popular neighbor, Thailand. Do Volunteer Work in Thailand. Living for a while in Sri Lanka.

Within Mexico, San José del Cabo (in Baja California Sur), Puerto Vallarta and Cancun stand out as the cheapest places to fly, with January being the most affordable month to visit each one. Fortunately, January is nothing short of glorious in each of these beach destinations, warm, warm and full of rich colors, textures and flavors to beat the winter depression. Looking for a city break instead of a beach retreat? Mexico City, with its rich Aztec heritage and generous handful of museums, is another affordable option in Mexico. May is the cheapest month to book a flight.

Colombia is a popular tourist destination for its rich history, vibrant culture and delicious food. It also has a good price compared to what many Americans are used to paying, for example, for a fresh arepa and a cup of Colombian coffee. Mexico is not our only neighboring country with abundant offers. Canada also makes it an easy getaway, with well-priced flights available from most of the U.S.

UU. Florida as a destination is hotter than ever, but Tampa isn't as flooded with crowds as the state's other major cities, plus its location on the west coast promises beautiful sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Go in January for a good deal, warm (but not sweltering) temperatures, and lots of sunshine. After 12 years as a budget traveler and, in light of the launch of my new book, today I want to talk about my favorite budget travel destinations.

Since Fiji is a stopover on Fiji Airlines, you will find plenty of flight deals to the country. A lot of backpackers take advantage of that and a small community of backpackers has emerged. That means cheap guesthouses, transportation, and activities, especially on the popular Yasawa Islands. Even if you're not a backpacker, you can take advantage of all these offers and save money.

Fiji is one of the best budget destinations in the region and not to be missed. For more information, see this detailed planning guide for Fiji. For more information, see this detailed planning guide for Central America. For more information, see this detailed planning guide for Cambodia.

For more information, see this detailed planning guide for China. From the bucket list wonder, the Taj Mahal, to Goa's tropical backpacker party hub, India has a wide range of destinations for budget travelers. To travel to Croatia on a budget, you need a similar approach to Greece: traveling in mid-season. If you want to visit it all, it can be expensive, but there are certainly some free things and comparatively cheaper places where budget travelers can travel.

Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site city on Penang Island, Malaysia, and is a great destination for travelers on a budget. These are the best cheap places to travel the world straight from some of the best travel bloggers. With its picturesque villages, lively culture, delicious food and rich history, it is a destination that will please most travelers, especially the most demanding, as it is often referred to as the cheapest European country to travel. You may see dollar signs when you think about traveling to Europe, especially for those countries that operate with the euro or the pound, but not all European destinations will ruin banking.

Welcome to Be My Travel Muse, one of the best women's travel blogs in the world, which receives more than 5 million readers a year. Not only is the country warm and welcoming to foreigners, but it is also known as the land of smiles, but its unparalleled beauty and low travel cost make it a hot spot for travelers of all kinds. There are budget friendly destinations on every continent, and you can travel virtually anywhere on a budget if you know the tips and tricks. If you're looking for affordable destinations to include in your travel list, I have some great suggestions for you.

Kyrgyzstan is the country of choice for most travelers interested in trying Central Asia and is therefore best suited to travelers of all budgets. If you love to travel alone and are looking for some of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. In the US, you've come to the right place. The cheapest places to travel are places with low-cost transportation, affordable accommodations, great street food, and easy access to tourist destinations.

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