Is it safe to travel on amtrak?

Amtrak has updated its technology, fleet, stations and processes to make travel as smooth and safe as possible. We've made improvements to the Amtrak app, where customers can book, get boarding information and check train status from a mobile device and receive real-time information before boarding. Travel and Health Precautions Recommended WASHINGTON - June is National Safety Month and Amtrak is using the annual observance to remind the public of the importance of rail safety on board trains, at stations and around tracks this summer. In addition to station and on-board safety, the general public is urged to remain alert near road and rail level crossings and rail rights of way.

Amtrak also encourages employees to participate in National Safety Month with a banner contest, which shows the company's commitment to safety and showcase the artistry of participants. The winning poster design will go into production and will be distributed and displayed at several Amtrak facilities across the network throughout the year. Wunderman's advice for travelers considering taking trains this holiday season is to book a room or fly instead. Refusing to wear a mask may result in fines, denial of boarding, removal from the train, and a ban on travel in the future.

Joseph Khabbaza, intensive care specialist at Cleveland Clinic, said travelers can be meticulous with their plans, and yet, “the wild card is that you don't know who is going to be close to you and how close they will be, what their personal views are and how they have been addressing them for the past seven or eight months. Gina Suh, director of Mayo Clinic's travel clinic, says traveling by train isn't much different from traveling by plane. Over Thanksgiving weekend, the Transportation Security Administration reported a massive increase in travelers passing through airports, and the AAA predicted that nearly 50 million people would travel by car. For 50 years, Amtrak has connected the United States and transformed transportation by modernizing rail travel and building for the future.

Travel writer Ali Wunderman has taken a couple of long-distance trips with Amtrak during the pandemic, from Montana to the Bay Area in August and from Portland, Ore. Khabbaza recommends train travelers to book a room or private room if they can afford it and if they are available. Amtrak will continue to play an important role in the national transportation network for the next 50 years and beyond, operating a safe, environmentally efficient and fiscally responsible business by providing travelers with an experience that sets a new standard. Amtrak says the reductions should have minimal impact because ridership continues to drop 25 percent and schedule changes coincide with a slower travel season.

Anyone who has a trip canceled due to service outages will receive a notification and will be offered alternative travel plans. When searching for a ride online or in the Amtrak app, the percentage of seats sold is displayed next to each travel option. At night, he saw passengers traveling by bus with their masks lowered while they slept, and during the day, wearing masks seemed “intermittent at best in common areas.

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