Why a Cruise is the Best Vacation

No time wasted traveling from one place to another: Vacation time is precious, and nothing can waste it more than waiting at airports as you fly from one city or island to another. One of the main advantages of taking a cruise is that you don't have to spend time traveling between the places you visit. As you sail from one destination to the next, you can dine, attend a comedy or Broadway show, and even enjoy a spa treatment. It doesn't get any better than that!I can't say enough about my experience with Park West.

I found an artist whose work I would love to buy, because I'm sure many other people would think the same way. Please check it out and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If I knew your work was being shown on a cruise ship, I would travel anywhere to shop in Park West. We love our food, so when we travel, one of our biggest concerns is meals. While it's great to search for and try the best ___ in each city, it can also be quite stressful to plan our food itinerary along with other must-see attractions.

Sometimes it's nice not to have to think about it. The cruise offers you options to eat at the buffet (which is open 24 hours) or in its dining room, where you are served unlimited starters, main courses and desserts. They also had a steakhouse where we had dinner one night, and we were impressed that the quality was comparable to other Michelin-starred restaurants we've tried. Taking food one step further (or should I say closer), we could order our food directly to our room whenever we wanted at no additional cost. I don't think we've taken more advantage of room service on any other trip.

It got dangerous once we discovered the BLT (EASILY the best thing on the Carnival Cruise menu), and we had a hard time not ordering it at 2 in the morning every night. This is an obvious one for many tourists. However, when we travel, it is more difficult for us to rest since technically for us it is not a vacation, it is a business trip. We need to stay focused so that we can document everything we see and do without leaving gaps. This cruise created a great atmosphere for us to rest and relax, where everything went at our own pace and time. We worked mainly on the first day at sea and the days in each port city, but in between, we had 3 days at sea where we really felt like we were on vacation.

We took lots of naps and felt refreshed. On the other side of a packed itinerary, cruises are my favorite vacation because they force me to slow down. You can find a way to party from morning to night on a boat, but with days at sea there are plenty of places you can go to just relax. And during that time there's nothing like the sound of ocean waves below, the brightness of the sun above, and a wide variety of quiet corners to just sit back and enjoy the ride. One especially great thing about a cruise vacation is that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea.

After a fun-filled day, cruises offer you the option of lying on deck and stargazing like never before - enjoy the illuminated swirl of the cosmos as your cruise ship glides quietly across the sea. There is no other experience like it. Cruises are great vacations for families who want to spend time together, groups of friends who want to get away, or couples who need a few days of relaxation. As one friend of mine who has been on many cruises pointed out, the crew is very welcoming and friendly which really makes the cruise experience special. If you're thinking about your next getaway, you might be wondering if cruise vacations or resort stays are the best option. Every time you order your new favorite dish on land, you'll always remember the first time you tried it on a cruise - and those memories really are some of the best memories of your vacation.

Whether you want to swim with stingrays in Grand Cayman, tour the Bermuda Glass Caves or snorkel on your cruise company's private island - there are plenty of adventures to experience on a cruise ship. I agree that the cruise staff are overall wonderful and really contribute greatly to making your cruise experience special - as one friend pointed out, it's likely that your most important decision on a cruise will be what fabulous restaurant or bar to go to that night!While both vacations have something to offer avid travelers, cruises tend to be more versatile, inclusive and exciting. I asked many different cruisers - including repeat cruisers and first-time cruisers - why they believe cruises are the best vacations. Whether you're sailing through Alaska's Inner Passage or Glacier Bay, Norway's fjords or Caribbean islands - your view will constantly change on a cruise.

Not only are drinks on board incredible but many cruise bars have special atmospheres that you can enjoy. Cruise ports offer opportunities for activities and shore excursions - whether planned with your cruise line or independently. Whether you want to take your family abroad for their best family cruise vacation yet, spend time with your best friend or loved one or just treat yourself to a cruise getaway - there are activities that will inspire you. In fact many families with children find cruises cheaper than land vacations or theme park vacations.

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