Which country is best and cheap for honeymoon?

The Best Affordable Spots for a Honeymoon in Asia/Indonesia. A couple on their honeymoon in Indonesia. A couple enjoying a boat trip in Vietnam. A couple on their honeymoon in Bhutan.

The wonder of Asia, Sri Lanka, is a beautiful country and one of the cheap honeymoon destinations outside of India. Captivate your partner with a trip to Sri Lanka as you both indulge in exploring caves or going on a wildlife safari. Plus, the serene yet impressive places to visit in Sri Lanka add to the intimacy. Get more for less in South Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, take a short flight to the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico or Belize, sail to Mexico's famous Riviera Maya, get your heart pumping on a zip line in Costa Rica and the San Juan Islands, road trip through Portugal or enjoy a stay at a castle in Europe.

A beautiful beach in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise that offers everything a couple could want on a Caribbean honeymoon without the giant price tag of their neighbors on the island. A great way to stay within budget is to book a trip with no surprises, and the Dominican Republic is home to several of the best cheap all-inclusive resorts the Caribbean has to offer, including 4-star properties with incredibly affordable prices. Couple enjoying their honeymoon on a beautiful beach in Thailand A flight to Thailand certainly isn't cheap, but your trip will cost exponentially less once you're here. And if your wedding is celebrated in winter in the Western Hemisphere, the months between November and April are an ideal time to visit Thailand, when the weather is cool and dry.

Choose from a range of eco-friendly accommodation options in the Central American jewel of Costa Rica. This small country is geologically diverse and has everything from volcanoes, cloud forests and wildlife-rich national parks to incredible beaches, hot springs and other rewarding places to visit. You need to speak Spanish in remote areas, but you can cope with your Google Translate and a desire to learn. While there are expensive resorts you can splurge on, there are plenty of beachside and jungle accommodations available close to Costa Rica's natural attractions.

One of the best aspects of Bali is that you can book a 5-star resort with infinity pools or a beachside guesthouse for a fraction of the price it would cost in the Western Hemisphere. Get a massage at a luxury spa and dine at a local restaurant for much less than you'd expect. No matter what time of year the newlyweds visit, Lake Tahoe offers plenty of adventures for nature-loving couples who want to stay on budget. This huge lake is known for its vibrant sapphire water, fed by the melting snow of the surrounding mountains.

It also serves as the border between California and Nevada, which extends 22 miles from end to end. Bali is a popular honeymoon destination for couples on any budget. Resort-style accommodations and stunning beaches are at your fingertips with a very affordable price that you can choose to splurge, or not. In Bali, you can enjoy romantic sunsets on the coast, the jungle atmosphere in Ubud, relax in a yoga class and enjoy an incredible farm-to-table meal.

With beautiful weather all year round, Portugal offers a unique European honeymoon experience. You and your partner will spend an incredible time enjoying incredible cuisine, world-class wines, beautiful beaches, or relaxing at a romantic resort. For adventurous couples and outdoor enthusiasts, Canada is definitely the place to go. Whether you like cycling, hiking, fishing (or skiing if you're interested in a winter honeymoon destination), you'll find it here.

In Belize, you'll get the best of land and sea. Scuba diving, waterfall hikes and incredible natural beauty are highlights in Belize, making it an ideal destination for your honeymoon. With all the costs that weddings incur, budgets don't always leave room for high-end honeymoons. But, with these affordable and perfect destinations, you can really have it all on your honeymoon.

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to April, which is perfect for all those winter wedding couples who are still looking for a beach getaway as a cheap honeymoon destination. Stay in Phuket and enjoy romantic evening dinners as well as the opportunity to celebrate your new marriage with monks in a simple and private Thai ceremony. The secluded island of Koh Mook, also known as Pearl Island, offers an authentic cultural experience and the opportunity to witness Thailand's natural wonder, Morakot Cave. Other impressive islands include Koh Tao, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui.

If you're the bed and breakfast type, you'll love Carmel. This small coastal town in central California has windy beaches for relaxing during the day, and cutting-edge cuisine and wine that will satisfy any food or wine enthusiast. Dazzling beaches, seaside forts, and Old San Juan make Puerto Rico's capital a perfect honeymoon destination for the budget-conscious traveler. Beautiful rainforests provide a spectacular backdrop for the city's pedestrian streets, lined with museums, cafes, restaurants and historic sites.

A trip to San Juan wouldn't be complete without visiting the Puerto Rico Museum of Art or the impressive Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. If you're short on time but still want a beach getaway, the Florida Keys are easily accessible and perhaps the most budget-friendly beach destination in the South. The Philippines is definitely one of our top picks for affordable honeymoon destinations. Nearly every Philippine island is very welcoming to newlyweds, with modern accommodations and plenty of activities.

Perhaps Indonesia's most famous island, Bali is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, spirituality and lush rice fields. There are also plenty of activities to try in Bali, such as surfing some of the best waves on the planet, diving in wrecks, hiking volcanoes and exploring temples. That said, not all of Bali is created equal. Some parts of Ubud tend to be less of a relaxing oasis and a little more hectic, so if you're looking to relax with your new spouse, then I recommend staying in a villa or getting away from the beaten path a little.

If you've been looking to cross Bali off your bucket list, why not do it on your honeymoon? Between charming old towns, blue waters, friendly people and stunning national parks, Croatia is a romantic destination for couples on their honeymoon. Portugal is castles, beaches and cobblestone cities. It's tasty food, rich port wine and friendly people. In short, it will make you lose your feet.

While it's definitely still on the economic side, Portugal has a million things to do and it's great to experiment with a loved one. You can easily stay a week or two in any of Portugal's major cities, but I recommend mixing it up a bit and walking around the country. Some of Portugal's top hot spots are Lisbon, Sintra, Faro, Madeira, Lagos and Cascais. Lake Tahoe, located on both sides of Nevada and California, is the perfect honeymoon destination no matter what time of year.

In summer, Lake Tahoe becomes a bustling destination filled with boaters, zip lines, swimmers and hikers galore. However, in winter, Lake Tahoe turns into a snowy wonderland with plenty of options for skiing, snowboarding, skating, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Located just north of Seattle, Washington State's San Juan Islands are known for their natural beauty, fresh and organic dining options, and relaxed Pacific Northwest atmosphere. In the San Juan Islands, enjoy time in the Doe Bay hot springs, kayak between the islands, visit the Cattle Point lighthouse, zip line at Friday Harbor, camp overnight in the national park, and cross that bucket list item to watch the whales on your list.

How to Choose the Best Travel Camera Great information, honeymoon destinations are a great experience exceptional for couples where you think, life planning, with respect to budget, important to share information with each other. On the other hand, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai and Switzerland are more notable places for honeymoon. So, to save you the trouble of browsing through different travel blogs and websites, we have listed the 10 cheapest honeymoon destinations outside of India. We have also listed the pertinent details you should know before traveling to these countries.

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka offers the best experiences for visitors of all tastes and tastes. The Philippines is the best thing about nature, with its wonders that stretch across more than 7000 islands. It is home to an abundance of flora and fauna with a diverse variety of white sand beaches, turquoise seas, majestic mountains, rice fields and classic architectural buildings. Thailand, sometimes known as the “country of smiles”, is a landscape that lives and breathes in contrast; where on the one hand you will find pristine beaches and exotic jungles, on the other there are lush hills and majestic mountains.

Malaysia is a true wonder in development, where on the one hand it boasts a rich biodiversity pronounced by equatorial rainforests and, on the other, artificial wonders defined by arched buildings. Did you know that Indonesia is home to 17800 islands that stretch from Southeast Asia to Oceania? It's also home to the peaceful island of Bali, a highly revered and coveted honeymoon destination. The Maldives, a picturesque country in South Asia, is home to some of the most pristine islands in the world, underpinning the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral reefs. Popularly known as the “Lion City”, Singapore is an island city-state located in the southernmost tip of Malaysia.

Singapore is home to an interesting fusion of cultures, borrowing the influence of Arab, English, Indian, Chinese and Malaysian lifestyles. It is made up of 115 granite and coral islands, each of unparalleled beauty. Most of these islands are nature reserves included in the UNESCO list and marine sanctuaries safeguarded. Fiji, an archipelago in Oceania, is home to 333 volcanic islands that extend over an area of 1600 kilometers.

It is famous for its palm-fringed beaches, coral reefs and surreal underwater landscapes. No, but you must hold a valid Indian passport. If you and your spouse have legitimate passports, you can get a Visa on Arrival (VOA) upon arrival in Indonesia. It depends on the number of days you stay there, the type of hotel or accommodation option you both choose, and the places where you choose to dine.

Given our estimation, it would need at least Rs. Thailand is getting easier and cheaper every year. You'd be surprised to know that a honeymoon in Thailand is usually cheaper than a honeymoon in the Caribbean, even with an international flight. Trust us, we know that we were on our honeymoon in Thailand.

From a walk along the Garden Route, which takes you through beaches and national parks, to challenging cage diving with sharks, South Africa is a place full of experiences to savor and is one of the cheap honeymoon destinations outside of India. A popular budget option for all types of travelers in South America, expect lots of cheap food, fantastic affordable hotels, and some of the best (and cheapest) dive spots on the planet. Ideal for a romantic and luxurious stay along unspoiled beaches, Cambodia is a cheap place and the best place for honeymoon. It's not the most obvious honeymoon option, but if you love cities, head to the vibrant streets of Sofia; if you're looking for some sun, relax by the Black Sea; and if you like cheap drinks, head to Europe's best value ski slopes in Bansko and Borovets.

Enjoy the sunset with your partner while drinking mint tea in Morocco, one of the best honeymoon countries for culture lovers. While flights to Cambodia aren't cheap, once you get to almost any part of Southeast Asia, you'll find that your dollar goes much further than most other destinations. Luxury accommodations at exclusive resorts and first-class flights to exotic locations seem appealing, but when you've spent your savings on an elaborate wedding or want to enjoy the simple things in life, you can choose from a number of budget-friendly honeymoon destinations that can still provide you with an unforgettable trip. .


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