Is a cruise a good vacation?

No time wasting traveling between places: Nothing will waste your valuable vacation time than waiting at airports while you fly from one city or island to another. One of the main benefits of taking a cruise is that you don't waste time traveling between the places you visit. As you travel from one place to another, you can dine, catch a comedy or Broadway show, and even enjoy a spa treatment. Traveling has nothing better than that.

Do you like to be pampered on vacation? A cruise ship can be a good option. One reason people who sail once often get hooked, and they do it over and over again, is that cruises offer a level of pampering not often seen in land resorts at comparable prices. One especially good thing about a cruise vacation is that you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. After a fun-filled day, cruises offer you the option of lying on deck and stargazing like never before.

Enjoy the illuminated swirl of the cosmos as your cruise ship glides quietly across the sea. There is no other experience like it. If you like to travel, a cruise is a great way to see and experience some of the destinations on your bucket list. If you love the beach and turquoise waters, as well as seeing several islands on a single cruise, the Caribbean cruise is perfect.

Would you rather visit a destination and stay for a few days and explore? Plan a Bermuda Cruise I asked a wide variety of cruises, including repeat cruises and first-time cruises, for reasons they believe cruises are the best vacations. As one of my cruise friends pointed out, your biggest decision on a cruise is likely what fabulous restaurant or bar to go to that night. A cruise is also a great option if you're the type of person who wants or needs to know how much your vacation will cost long before they happen. If you're thinking about your next getaway, you might wonder if cruise vacations or resort stays are the best option.

What began as an annual vacation with the family quickly turned into a passion for travel, cruises and adventure. So are cruises worth it? Ultimately, that depends entirely on the type of vacation you're looking for and how you like to travel. Whether you want to take your family abroad for their ultimate family cruise vacation, spend time with a best friend or loved one, or simply treat yourself to a cruise getaway, you'll find activities that will inspire you. While both vacations have something to offer avid travelers, cruises tend to be the most versatile, inclusive, and exciting.

Cruise ports offer opportunities for activities and shore excursions, whether planned with the cruise line or on your own. As a travel writer who has specialized in cruise ships for more than two decades, I have been on many cruise ships (more than 200 on 160 different ships) and have met thousands of cruise ships. In fact, many families with children find cruises cheaper than land vacations and theme park vacations. More addictive than any other type of vacation: Anyone who has been on a cruise ship knows how addictive it can be.

Whether you're sailing the Inner Passage, Glacier Bay, the fjords of Norway, or the Caribbean islands, your vision will change constantly on a cruise.

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