Which Travel Sites Accept PayPal?

Are you looking for a safer and easier way to pay for your flight tickets, rental cars, hotel reservations and more? Alternative Airlines is a travel website that accepts PayPal and PayPal Credit for any flight booking of more than 650 airlines. Paying for flights with PayPal is quick and easy, especially when you're traveling, and can be used on airlines such as Aeroflot, Avianca and LATAM. PayPal Credit is also accepted on the website, allowing you to pay the cost of your air travel over time. If you're looking for a flight discount, you can also find plenty of promo codes to use with PayPal.

While some airlines accept PayPal directly, there are other ways to pay for your flights and even hotels with PayPal, even if the airline doesn't offer payment with PayPal. Paying with PayPal offers some advantages compared to using your credit or debit card. For example, it's a secure way to pay online as you don't have to enter your credit card details on the website. Plus, you can use it in 26 different currencies and it's accepted by many travel companies.

The US PayPal Shopping link has a drop-down menu where you can select Travel. You'll need to check if companies accept PayPal Credit in their cart. But there are other travel companies that accept PayPal payments too. Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that specializes in finding flights on small and large airlines, from remote destinations to well-known destinations.

As long as you pay in a supported currency (see list above), you can pay for any flight you find on the travel site to any destination. You can pay with PayPal in 26 currencies or use PayPal Credit to pay for all your flight bookings and you are supported by a team of expert travel specialists who will help and advise you on your travel plans. In order to use PayPal or PayPal Credit to travel by plane with Alternative Airlines, first search and choose the flights that best suit you and your travel plans.

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